CLAUSE CODE: QAC01b    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:04:57
  CLAUSE TITLE: Quality Preamble




  • This document is in conformance with the latest revision of AS9100

  • The following definitions are for the purpose of this document and its related quality clauses:

    • “JPL” is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    • “Subcontractor” is the contracting party with which JPL has the Subcontract/Purchase Order/P-Card Order
    • “Lower-tier subcontractor” is any sub-tier to the Subcontractor

  • In the event materials and services are defective in material or workmanship, or otherwise not in compliance with the requirements of this Subcontract, JPL reserves the right to reject or to require their correction.

  • JPL may issue a Supplier Issue Notice (SIN) and/or Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) to the Subcontractor for purchased material and services that do not comply with the requirements of this Subcontract.

  • The Subcontractor performance on this Subcontract is reviewed at the JPL Supplier Quality Board (SQB) and any SCAR activity is a contributing factor in removal from the JPL Approved Supplier List (ASL).


  • The Subcontractor shall comply with all the quality clauses imposed on the Subcontract. The quality clauses are incorporated by reference with full force and effect as if they were given in full text.

  • All applicable quality clauses set forth under this Subcontract shall flow down to lower-tier subcontractors.

  • JPL reserves the right of access to all applicable areas of the Subcontractor’s facilities and to all applicable records, materials, and services involved in this procurement. Subcontractor will be notified when JPL plans to exercise its right of access.

  • The Subcontractor shall request and obtain JPL authorization prior to shipment of any non-conforming product. Non-conforming product shipped without authorization to ship will be rejected and returned to Subcontractor.

  • The Subcontractor shall notify JPL and, where required, obtain JPL approval of changes affecting their listing in JPL’s Approved Supplier List. These changes include, but are not limited to, the following information:

    • Company Name

    • Point of Contact to JPL

    • Quality Management System

    • Address/Manufacturing Facility Location

    • Product and/or Process Changes specific to the Subcontract

    • Changes to Suppliers specific to the Subcontract

    These changes must be reported to JPL at or (818) 393-7592 within 10 business days.