CLAUSE CODE: QC02f    This clause is current as of 12/01/2021; 12:58:35
  CLAUSE TITLE: Certificate of Compliance (C of C)

QC02f - Certificate of Compliance (C of C):

General Requirement

Subcontractor shall provide a certificate with each shipment to attest that the parts, assemblies, subassemblies, or detail parts conform to the Subcontract/Purchase Order (PO) requirements.

Reporting Requirements

The certificate shall be signed and dated by the Subcontractor representative and contain the following:

  • JPL’s Contract/Purchase Order number
  • Part number and revision letter as identified in the Subcontract/PO
  • Subcontractor Name
  • Quantity
  • If the Subcontract/PO requires serialization then the information shall be stated
  • Any of the following:
    • Lot number
    • Heat number
    • Date code
Drop Ship Requirement

In the event of a material drop shipment, the Subcontractor’s certificate of compliance shall be submitted at the time of request to the requestor via email or to, indicating that a drop shipment was authorized by the Subcontractor and completed by the vendor.

The certification shall contain:

  • The name of the Manufacturer who performed the drop shipment
  • The items as listed under the Reporting Requirements section
  • Subcontractor is defined as the organization with which JPL has the Subcontract/Purchase Order.
  • Manufacturer is defined as the organization that manufactured the material.