CLAUSE CODE: QC06c    This clause was archived as of 09/01/2020
  CLAUSE TITLE: Raw Material Traceability

QC06c - Raw Material Traceability:

All certifications and test reports required below must be traceable through some method of identification (i.e. heat, lot, part & serial number, subcontract/purchase order, invoice number etc.) from mill through finished product delivery.

Manufacturer Test Certifications

The Subcontractor shall include with each shipment the raw material manufacturer's test report (i.e. mill test report) which states that the lot of material furnished has been tested, inspected, and found to be in compliance with the applicable material specifications. The test specimen shall come from the same thickness/diameter that is being supplied. The test report shall contain the following information:

  • Test specimen gage diameter per ASTM E8
  • Specifications including revision numbers or letters to which the material has been tested and/or inspected
  • Heat and lot number(s)
  • When the material specification requires quantitative limits for chemical, mechanical, or physical properties, the test report shall contain the actual test and/or inspection values obtained.

Processing Certifications

Certifications must be provided to demonstrate that all required processing (i.e. forming, heat treating, thermal cycling, conversion, etc.) has occurred and the results meet all specification and testing requirements.

No unauthorized processes (i.e. re-melt) shall be allowed.

Non-Destructive Evaluation Certifications

When Non-Destructive Evaluation is required the Subcontractor shall provide a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) to certify that the material meets the related requirements.

Independent Laboratory Testing

If the material was altered (forged, rolled, heat treated etc.) subsequent to procurement from the mill and prior to delivery to JPL, an Independent Laboratory Test shall be submitted with the material. The testing must be performed after all subsequent conversion processing. The test report must comply with requirements above for Manufacturer Test Certifications.


The Subcontractor shall not provide material that has been machined down, sawed or by any other means to achieve the requested thickness or diameter.

The Subcontractor shall not substitute cut plate for bar stock.