CLAUSE CODE: QC120    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:34:54
  CLAUSE TITLE: Nonconformance Processing and Material Review




  • Nonconformance is defined as a condition of any article, material or service in which one or more characteristics do not satisfy the requirements specified in the subcontract, drawings, specifications, or other approved product description. This includes but is not limited to failures, discrepancies, defects, anomalies, and malfunctions.

  • Material Review Board (MRB) is defined as the formal process for making a determination on the plan of action for nonconformances. A determination is synonymous with the term disposition and is usually either a Use-As-Is, Scrap, Rework, or Repair, each defined as follows:

    • Use-As-Is: Condition not meeting requirement but is acceptable without further work; does not affect fit, form or function (safety, interchangeability, performance); this disposition is not to be used for redlined/unreleased drawings

    • Scrap: Part cannot be economically reworked or repaired

    • Rework: Rework part to meet drawing or specification requirements

    • Repair: Modify part to an acceptable condition; final part will not match drawing

  • The Subcontractor may be issued a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) for violation of this quality clause for nonconformances found at JPL not reported to JPL on the JPL Supplier MRB Reporting Form or Post-Delivery Nonconformance Reporting Form.

General Requirements

  • The Subcontractor shall identify and segregate all non-conforming product(s) to prevent its unintended use or delivery.

  • The Subcontractor is granted Material Review Board (MRB) authority on this subcontract and is authorized for dispositions regarding:

    • Rework (must be recorded on JPL Supplier MRB Reporting Form to be included in shipping documentation delivered with the product)

    • Scrap (unless material was supplied by JPL or impacts delivery commitment)

  • The Subcontractor is not granted MRB authority and shall submit all MRB proceedings to JPL for concurrence within three days and prior to implementation for dispositions regarding:

    • Use-As-Is

    • Repair (all changes must be pre-approved by appropriate JPL individual(s), recorded as necessary, and reported with Form 7404)

    • Scrap (JPL supplied material or impacts delivery commitment)

  • JPL reserves the right to perform final inspection of the product, verify reported nonconformances and Subcontractor’s disposition, and provide alternate disposition as applicable.

Reporting Requirements on Delivery

  • The Subcontractor, upon delivery, shall submit a JPL Supplier MRB Reporting Form for each nonconformance with a Use-As-Is, Rework, Repair, or Scrap (JPL supplied material) disposition to fulfill the reporting requirements of this Quality clause.

Reporting Requirements Post-Delivery

  • The Subcontractor shall use the JPL Post-Delivery Supplier Nonconformance Reporting Form, to document each nonconformance found after delivery to JPL.