CLAUSE CODE: QC121    This clause was archived as of 08/22/2017
  CLAUSE TITLE: Tape Quality Requirements

QC121 - Tape Quality Requirements

General Requirements

  • All items shall have a plastic center roll.
  • Each order shall not exceed three different lots for traceability purposes.
  • All items shall be free of foreign particles and shall pass a JPL visual inspection that may include a black light.
Packaging Requirements
  • All items shall be packaged individually into:
    • 3M SCC 1000 Static Shielding Bags
    • With ½ Unit Desiccant Packs –Tyvek Clay Desiccant Pack
  • The supplier shall label the inside of the roll and the outside of the ESD bag with the following information:
    • JPL Part Number
    • JPL Inspection Report Number (if source inspection is required, see “Source Inspection Requirements below)
    • Manufacturer’s Lot Number
    • Expiration Date
Source Inspection Requirements
  • When specified in the Subcontract/Purchase Order, JPL Quality Assurance shall perform a quality inspection on-site at the Subcontractor’s facility.
  • Subcontractor shall leave the bags unsealed for JPL source inspection.
  • Subcontractor shall apply JPL provided inspection tamper seals to the inside of the roll prior to sealing. If the tamper seals are larger than the inside thickness of the roll, Subcontractor shall apply the seals outside of the ESD bags.