CLAUSE CODE: QC123    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:45:25
  CLAUSE TITLE: End Item Data Package – Deliverables to Accompany Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA)

QC123 - End Item Data Package - Deliverables to Accompany Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA):

In addition to the PWAs, the following must be included in the delivery:
(Ref. DocID 35120, Sec. 3.5, Para 4.3)

  • Certificate of Compliance shall contain the following:
    • JPL’s Subcontract/Purchase Order number
    • Line item number from the JPL Subcontract/Purchase Order
    • Part number and revision letter as identified in the Subcontract/Purchase Order
    • Part description (title) of each item
    • Quantity of each item
    • Serial number, or if there is no serial number, screening lot number of each item
    • Name and address of manufacturing or processing location
    • Manufacturer’s date code, lot number, and/or logo, and/or serial number(s)
    • Be signed and dated by Subcontractor representative
  • All manufacturer reports/results. The PWA manufacturer shall include the items listed below
    • If applicable, a complete list of the test results performed at the bareboard level or on the unpotted and potted harnesses
    • A complete shortage list (parts and/or activities as applicable)
    • A list of all problem/failure reports generated against any piece of equipment, including open and closed status
    • Results of ionic contamination testing
    • All deviation and waiver reports, including all MRB actions taken on the PWAs or constituent materials
    • All raw material reports and vendor certifications, if any

The End Item Data Package (EIDP) shall comprise the following document:

  • Completed Hardware Build Book
    • All material certificates; the material used shall be traceable to the manufacturer’s lot number through date code and serial number.
    • As-Built Configuration List (Parts lists)
    • Assembly Documents
      • Table of contents
      • Log sheets to record work travelers and non-conformance reports
      • Work Travelers
      • Deviations from Drawing and parts lists and objective evidence for the approval
      • Copies of all redlined drawings and parts lists
      • Copies of all Non-Conformance reports
      • Rework documentation
      • ESD Logs (soldering irons grounding and stray voltage)
      • Soldering Iron Temperature Logs
      • List of Indirect Assembly Materials (solder, ink, wire, flux, etc.) including lot and expiration date
      • X-Ray Images of CGA, BGA and BTC components
      • Surface Mount Process Paste Height (mean & std dev)
      • Surface Mount Process Reflow Profile
      • High resolution photo documentation of all sides of the completed PWA