CLAUSE CODE: QC128    This clause is current as of 12/01/2021; 13:59:07
  CLAUSE TITLE: Military Wire & Cable Packaging and Sourcing

QC128 – Military Wire & Cable Packaging and Sourcing:

1.0     Scope: This Quality Clause shall apply to the procurement of wire per specifications SAE-AS22759/11, SAE-AS22759/22 and cable per ANSI NEMA WC27500. Wire and cable part numbers for these specifications are of the form M22759/11, M22759/22 and M27500 respectively.

2.0     The shipment shall contain evidence of the source of manufacture for the wire or cable.

2.1     The manufacturer of the wire or cable shall have a listing in the current NAVAIR Qualified Products List at the time of order placement. The NAVAIR QPL list link is:

Wire / Cable PN Form

NAVAIR QPL List Number

Specification Reference










3.0     Preparation for Delivery – Specific Supplier Requirements for Packaging:
          a. Wire segment ends shall be capped off (sealed) per manufacturer’s standard practice.
          b. Polystyrene and/or ABS plastic wire spools are acceptable, Color Black or Dark Grey. No metal spools.
          c. Holes in the spool shall be taped off to prevent extrusion through the holes.
          d. Each spool shall contain one continuous wire segment. Multiple spools may be used to complete the contracted order quantity.
          e. The preferred spool dimensions are up to 6.5” nominal flange diameter, and up to 5.5” nominal width between flanges. A spool’s inner (drum) diameter shall be at least 2 inches or 20 times the insulated wire diameter, whichever is greater.
          f. There shall be at least ¼ inch clearance between the outer jacket surface of the spooled wire and a straight line across the spool flanges.
          g. Each spool shall be labeled with a minimum of: JPL wire part number, wire manufacturer name or CAGE code, date of manufacture (month and year), lot number, segment length (in feet), and P.O. number.
          h. Wire manufacturer may add a conformal plastic wrap around the spooled wire. Cardboard wrap is not acceptable.
          i. Each spooled wire segment shall be packaged in a transparent metal-in static shielding bag that meets the requirements of ANSI/ESD S541 and ANSI/ESD S20.20. The bag shall contain an ESD warning symbol and be heat sealable. A small bag of desiccant conforming to MIL-D-3464, Types I and II, shall be securely attached to the inner reel flange or to the external surface of the wrapping covering the wire. Select bag size to minimize entrapped air.
          j. Each bagged wire spool shall contain a humidity indicator card that encompasses a minimum humidity range of 60% to 80%. Humidity readings of 70% or more upon receipt is cause for rejection of the wire on that spool.
          k. Package the bagged wire in an outer protective shipping box. Label the shipping box with a minimum of: JPL wire part number, wire manufacturer name or CAGE code, and P.O. number.
          l. Damage to a spool is cause for rejection of the wire on that spool.