CLAUSE CODE: QC131    This clause is current as of 12/01/2021; 13:47:30
  CLAUSE TITLE: Additive Manufacturing Requirements

QC131 – Additive Manufacturing Requirements:

Subcontractors utilizing the Additive Manufacturing process shall meet the requirements of JPL Spec D-101742 and the contract. All sections listed henceforth are contained in JPL Spec D-101742.

Material Traceability

Subcontractor shall provide traceability certificate(s) for any material purchased by the Subcontractor. The traceability certificate(s) shall meet the requirements of Section 12.

Certificate of Compliance (C of C) Requirements
  • Manufacturer identification
  • Subcontract/Purchase Order number
  • Country of Origin
    • Shall comply with the most current JPL Designated Countries List
  • Material designation
  • Specifications including revision numbers or letters to which the material has been tested and/or inspected
  • Powder production date / Lot code
Independent Laboratory Testing

If the powder is purchased by the Subcontractor, an Independent Laboratory Test shall be submitted with the shipment. The test results shall include:

  • Particle size distribution, if required by the Subcontract/Purchase Order, per Section
  • Powder composition
    • Results shall conform to the material specification listed in the contract or drawing
    • In the case where compositional requirements differ between the drawing and the contract, the contract requirements shall supersede the drawing
  • Rheology, if required by the Subcontract/Purchase Order, per Section

The complete list of deliverables to be included with the shipment can be found in Section 13, Table 2 – Deliverable Matrix.