CLAUSE CODE: QC134    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:55:28
  CLAUSE TITLE: Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Cable Harness Requirements

QC134 Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Cable Harness Requirements:


Any deviation(s) from the requirements below shall be approved by JPL in writing prior to acceptance of this Subcontract / Purchase Order. Contact the JPL Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) Office at 818-393-7592 or

Fabrication and Workmanship Requirements

Unless otherwise specified on the Drawing or Subcontract / Purchase Order, the supplier shall fabricate and inspect to the latest revision of:

  • NASA-STD-8739.4, or
  • IPC-WHM-A-620 Class 2
Harness Identification and Serialization Requirements
  • Harness(es) shall be identified/labeled per NASA-STD-8739.4a, Section 14.
  • Harness(es) shall be uniquely serialized per JPL serialization direction. Unless already specified on the Subcontract / Purchase Order, the supplier shall contact the JPL technical authority (JPL Cognizant Engineer) to identify the unique harness(es) serial number(s).
JPL In-Process Source Inspection Requirements
  • If QC46 is imposed on the Subcontract / Purchase Order, the supplier shall notify JPL for the following in-process source inspections:
    • Crimp / Solder terminations
    • Splicing
    • Pre-Pot
    • Potting workmanship
    • Backshell closeout
Electrical Testing Requirements
  • The supplier shall perform final electrical testing of each harness per the requirements specified on the drawing.
  • If no electrical testing requirements are listed, the supplier shall perform electrical tests [continuity, dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV), and insulation resistance (IR)] per NASA-STD-8739.4a, Section 18.
    • Do not perform any high potential / voltage test on any cable assembly that includes a terminated heater, bus couplers, platinum resistance thermistor (PRT), resistance temperature detector (RTD), actuator, or any electronic components (e.g. resistor, capacitor, diode, integrated circuits, etc.).
Deliverable Requirements
  • The supplier shall submit high-resolution photos of all in-process inspections:
    • Crimp / Solder terminations per connector
    • Splicing
    • Pre-pot wire condition at the entry into the connector
    • Potting workmanship
    • Backshell closeout
  • The supplier shall provide a signed electrical test report that lists, the following, minimum information:
    • Harness ID, S/N, and revision letter
    • JPL Subcontract / Purchase Order number
    • Test type (e.g. continuity, DWV, IR)
    • Setup parameters (e.g. voltage, resistance, and dwell time)
    • DC resistance measurements values for all assembly NET points
    • Insulation resistance measurements values for all assembly NET points
    • Note: Measurement values shall include all conductors, non-connect points, connector shells and cable shields (inner shields, overshields)