CLAUSE CODE: QC17    This clause was archived as of 04/24/2012
  CLAUSE TITLE: Supplier (Sub-Tier) Process Controls



Contractor is responsible for maintaining a system to control processes per this Contract/Purchase Order, not only at their facilities, but for processes performed at lower-tier suppliers (sub-tier) facilities. This clause mandates that all requirements, which are invoked or applied per this Contract/Purchase Order, including this clause, shall be flowed down to Sub-tier Suppliers.

Contractor shall perform systematic, periodic evaluation of personnel, equipment, methods, and material required in the performance of the sub-tier supplier’s processes to assure positive control at all times. Contractor shall have a documented method of approving and maintaining Sub-tier Suppliers processes that shall include on-site audits of Sub-tier Supplier prior to initial performance of process activity and periodically thereafter. JPL reserves the right to require JPL approval, perform surveillance and review or audit all aspects of Contractor and Sub-tier Supplier process activity and control system prior to and during the period of performance of this Contract/Purchase Order.