CLAUSE CODE: QC20-N    This clause was archived as of 01/07/2016
  CLAUSE TITLE: First Article Inspection



Contractor is required to perform 100% inspection and record the attributes for the first article of this Contract/Purchase Order, and shall be in accordance with AS9100 and AS9102. If the deliverable is an assembly, this inspection shall also include all of the piece parts that make up the assembly. The inspection records and data shall be per AS9102 and shall identify each characteristic and feature required by design data, the allowable tolerance limits, and the actual dimension measured as objective evidence that each characteristic and feature has been inspected and accepted by Contractor’s Quality Assurance department. When testing is required, the parameters and results of the test shall be recorded in the same manner.

The First Article Inspection Report must show evidence of acceptance by Contractor’s Quality Assurance representative. The First Article(s) shall be produced on production equipment using processes which will be utilized on production runs.

Additionally, Contractor shall perform additional First Article Inspection(s) per requirements of AS9102 (i.e., following every major tooling, every design change, and subsequent to any evident quality degradation for a specified part or article).

Records of all first article activities will be documented, as required in AS9102, treated as quality/acceptance records, and made available to JPL, if requested.