CLAUSE CODE: QC22    This clause was archived as of 01/07/2016
  CLAUSE TITLE: Objective Evidence of Dimensional Inspection



Contractor shall provide objective evidence with each shipment that all the articles in this Contract/Purchase Order were dimensionally inspected for conformance with drawing and Contract/Purchase Order requirements. Objective evidence shall consist of records of actual dimensional readings taken during inspections of each part, with the dimension and its tolerance noted.

All out of tolerance measurements shall be clearly identified on the inspection records and the disposition of that part noted by Contractor’s Quality Assurance department. This information shall be submitted to JPL for acceptance/rejection of the out-of-tolerance condition prior to hardware delivery.

Contractor shall identify each inspection record to the related Contract/Purchase Order, part number, revision, and when applicable, serial number. The management representative responsible for Contractor’s inspection activity will certify that with signer’s title and date of signature indicate that all of the shipped parts were indeed inspected to the criteria specified and those actual measurements are the ones provided. If serial numbers are not assigned, then the Contractor shall devise a method of linking the record of dimensional measurements with the specific part measured (i.e., taped, bagged together, etc.).

Inspection equipment (i.e., tools and gauges) used during dimensional measurement shall have its identification numbering recorded and allow the ability to recall the parts inspected with that particular inspection device in the event it is subsequently found to be significantly out of tolerance.