CLAUSE CODE: QC25b    This clause is current as of 12/01/2021; 13:25:58
  CLAUSE TITLE: Weld Filler Metal Control

QC25b - Weld Filler Metal Control:

The Subcontractor shall submit the following:

  • Mill certificate of the weld wire chemical analysis
  • Identification (stamped, tagged, or equivalent) of alloy for each weld rod
  • Identification of manufacturer, heat lot number, size, weight
  • Specification material type on each container or reel/spool.

The following applies to Subcontractors performing weld operations for JPL:

  • Prior to usage and when required by process or filler metal specification, applicable chemical, mechanical, weldability, etc., properties must be verified through tests on each shipment or lot (heat treat) of weld rod and reel/spool.
  • Each weld rod shall be verified to be the specified material alloy prior to use. A unique identification must be placed at the lowest level of control (i.e., wire, package, tube, etc.) to assure traceability of the 100% material alloy verification tests.
  • Filler metals shall be stored in original sealed containers until immediately prior to use or test.