CLAUSE CODE: QC29-N    This clause was archived as of 04/24/2012
  CLAUSE TITLE: Quality Records Retention



Contractor and Sub-tier Suppliers shall maintain verifiable objective evidence of all inspections and tests performed, results obtained, and dispositions of nonconforming articles. These records shall be clearly associated with the procured supplies, including heat lot and lot number of materials and unit or lot serialization, and made available to JPL and/or Government Representatives upon request. Records shall be retained in a safe, accessible location for a period of ten (10) years after date of delivery.

Contractor's records associated with the manufacture of serialized or lot controlled articles will provide for continued traceability of serial number(s) or lot number identification through all phases of manufacture, commencing with the raw material and continuing through final acceptance of the end item.

Records held for the required retention period (10 years) shall not be destroyed without JPL's written concurrence.