CLAUSE CODE: QC31a    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:59:41
  CLAUSE TITLE: EEE Single Lot / Date Code

QC31a - EEE Single Lot / Date Code:

The full quantity of date code controlled Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) parts and each part number, provided per the Subcontract/Purchase Order, shall have a single lot/date code. The Subcontractor shall obtain the written approval of JPL’s authorized purchasing representative prior to shipping goods that do not meet this single lot/date code requirement.

In the event that JPL’s purchasing representative provides said authorization to ship mixed lot/date codes, the Subcontractor shall provide a copy of the written authorization with the shipping documents.

When mixed lot/date codes are authorized, the shipping document shall list individual lot/date codes and quantity. Multiple lot/date codes shall not be co-mingled. In addition, the individual part containers shall be marked with the quantity and lot/date code.