CLAUSE CODE: QC32a    This clause was archived as of 01/07/2016
  CLAUSE TITLE: End Item Data Package-Deliverables to Accompany PWB



 In addition to the PWBs, the following must be included in the delivery:

(Ref. D-8208, Sec. 3.6, Para 4.3)


·        Microsections (“buttons”) - the coupon set shall reflect the specific finished PWB characteristics. Both A and B coupons shall be submitted. When required, additional microsections shall be provided in accordance with applicable Contract/Purchase Order/drawing/specification.


·        A (X-Direction) Thermal Stress

·        B (Y-Direction) Thermal Stress.

·        Certificate of Compliance shall contain the following:

o       JPL’s Contract/Purchase Order number

o       Line item number from the JPL Contract/Purchase Order

o       Part number and revision letter as identified in the Contract/Purchase Order

o       Part description (title) of each item

o       Quantity of each item

o       Serial number, or if there is no serial number, screening lot number of each item

o       Name and address of manufacturing or processing location

o       Manufacturer’s date code, lot number, and/or logo, and/or serial number(s)

o       Be signed and dated by Contractor representative


·        All material certificates; The material used shall be traceable to the manufacturer’s lot number through date code and serial number.

·        All manufacturer reports/results. The PWB manufacturer shall include the items listed below:

o       Results of all electrical verification testing performed at 250 Vdc (unless otherwise specified)

o       Results of all TDR testing on controlled impedance coupons

o       Results of copper tensile strength and elongation tests (from an independent testing laboratory) for the month in which the JPL PWBs were manufactured

o       Results of ionic contamination testing

o       All deviation and waiver reports including all MRB action taken on the PWBs or constituent material.

o       All existing raw material reports and vendor certifications. Raw material manufacturer’s test report (i.e., mill test report) that states that the lot of material furnished has been tested, inspected, and found to be in compliance with the applicable material specifications. Refer to QC06b for further details, if applicable.