CLAUSE CODE: QC39a    This clause was archived as of 07/07/2014
  CLAUSE TITLE: Nonconformance Reporting


QC39a NonConformance Reporting:



General Requirements

  • The contractor shall identify and segregate all non-conforming product(s) to prevent its unintended use or delivery.
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) shall reserve the right to perform final verification of product, determine if product is non-conforming, and disposition product upon receipt at JPL.


Reporting Requirements

  • The Contractor shall use JPL Form 7178, Supplier Non-Conformance Reporting, to document each non-conformance remaining at time of delivery to JPL.
  • The Contractor shall include a signed copy of each JPL Form 7178 and any supporting documentation or correspondences with JPL relative to each nonconformance, with each shipment of the product to JPL.



  • Nonconformance is defined as a condition of any article, material or service in which one or more characteristics do not conform to requirements specified in the contract, drawings, specifications, or other approved product description. This includes failures, discrepancies, defects, anomalies, and malfunctions.
  • The contractor may be issued a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) for violation of quality clause QC39a for non-conformances found at JPL not reported to JPL on Form 7178.
  • The contractor performance on this Purchase Order/Contract is reviewed at the JPL Supplier Quality Board (SQB) and any SCAR activity is a contributing factor in removal from the JPL Approved Supplier List (ASL).