CLAUSE CODE: QC42    This clause was archived as of 04/24/2012

QC42                CORRECTIVE ACTION:


Contractor shall have a documented corrective action system in place as part of its quality program. As part of this system, all discrepancies identified with JPL hardware or software, by either Contractor or JPL personnel, shall be documented. All nonconformances will be tracked until resolution. Root causes shall be determined and preventative measures shall be implemented to prevent reoccurrence. Follow-up monitoring shall occur as validation.

All nonconformances relating to JPL hardware, software, test equipment, or facility problems that could impact JPL deliverables, shall be classified as below and shall be reported to JPL Quality Assurance within three days of occurrence.

Unless MRB authority has been delegated per QC41, nonconformances that require the convening of an MRB shall be submitted to JPL per requirements of QC39. Contractor will be directed about what specific action to take in reference to the MRB request. An MRB record, once disposition has been made, shall be kept by Contractor as quality records and made available to JPL upon request.

Class I changes: those that affect form, fit, or function; affecting reliability, workmanship, performance, safety, interfaces, or other approved JPL documentation, shall be submitted for MRB disposition.

Class II changes: those that do not affect form, fit, or function and do not require submittal for MRB, shall be documented and submitted as part of the procurement End Item Data Package.

Submittal of an MRB request does not guarantee or obligate JPL to concur with Contractor's disposition.