CLAUSE CODE: QC46b    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:48:05
  CLAUSE TITLE: JPL Source Inspection

QC46b - JPL Source Inspection:

JPL source inspection is required for all Mandatory Inspection Points (JPL MIPs) defined in this Subcontract/Purchase Order (PO). The Subcontractor shall notify JPL Procurement Quality Assurance Office upon the receipt of this Subcontract/PO prior to commencing any work at (818) 393-7592 or so that the appropriate JPL Mandatory Inspection Points (JPL MIPs) can be coordinated.

JPL requires a minimum number of working days advance notice to schedule a date for the JPL source inspection (reference Table 1). Prior to notice, products shall be ready and, if applicable, test reports shall be reviewed and approved by JPL Engineering. JPL source inspection shall be conducted by JPL at the Subcontractor’s facility or other location designated under the Subcontract/PO.

Table 1.

Subcontractor Location to JPL

Business Days Advance Notice


Local: California 3 days Minimum required
National: Continental U.S. 5 days Minimum required
International 10 days Long lead time/forecasting desired

The Subcontractor shall provide the following during JPL source inspection:

  • Subcontract/PO, drawings, specifications, procedures, statements of work, and any other related inspection documentation that may be required to perform the JPL source inspection.
  • Personnel and resources that may be required to perform the JPL source inspection.
  • Suitable workspace and environment to conduct the JPL source inspection.
  • Calibrated test equipment/instruments to conduct the JPL source inspection.