CLAUSE CODE: QC47-N    This clause was archived as of 02/17/2010



All work on this Contract/Purchase Order is subject to inspection and test by the Government at any time and any place. Government inspection is required on this Contract/Purchase Order prior to shipment from Contractor’s facility. Government inspections performed shall be determined by the delegated Government inspection representative and may be conducted during processing, fabrication, or final inspection. Upon receipt of this Purchase Contract, promptly notify the Government representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate Government inspection planning can be accomplished. If your facility is not serviced by Government inspection and/or the area Government inspection representative or agency cannot be located, immediately notify JPL.


NOTE: Do not proceed with fabrication/manufacture processing until Government Mandatory Inspection Points (GMIPs) are added to Contractor's manufacturing planning. GMIPs shall not be by-passed unless authorized in writing by the Government inspection representative. Contractor shall request and include the documents specified in the Government delegation in the shipment.


The Government’s request for source inspection shall specify the period and method for the advance notification and the Government representative to whom it shall be furnished. Request shall not require more then two workdays of advance notification if the Government representative is in residence at Contractors facilities, or more than seven workdays in other instances.

Contractor, without additional charge to the procurement document[jpl1] , shall provide all reasonably required facilities and assistance (applicable drawings, specifications, change orders, inspection and/or test equipment) for the US Government representative to perform their duties.

Contractor shall ensure that Government inspection acceptance is evident for every individual GMIP and that completion of Government inspection is evident on Contractor's shipping document/packing list. Evidence may be the signature of Government inspection representative with printed name and office, or application of the representative's stamp.

The Government shall accept or reject supplies as promptly as practical after delivery, unless otherwise provided in the Contract/Purchase Order. Government failure to inspect and accept or reject the supplies shall not relieve Contractor from responsibility, nor impose liability on the Government, for nonconforming supplies.

When manufacturing processing affected by GMIPs is subcontracted by Contractor, the provisions of this Clause shall be included in Contractor's Contract/Purchase Order verbatim.