CLAUSE CODE: QC47b    This clause was archived as of 03/03/2009
  CLAUSE TITLE: PWB Inner Layer And Final Source Inspection (JPL MIP)



The terms and conditions of this Quality Clause become an integral part of the Contract/Purchase Order to the extent specified in the Contract/Purchase Order. Changes, additions, or deletions to the invoked Quality Clauses must be made by Contract/Purchase Order revision. Shipments will not be considered complete and invoices will not be honored until all requirements are fulfilled.


JPL QA Source Inspections (Ref. D-8208, Sec. 3.6, Para. 4.2)

All flight PWBs shall have the following JPL QA source inspections:


·          Inner layer (I/L) Inspection (Ref. D-8208, Sec. 3.6, Para. 3.5)

All multilayer board (MLB) inner layers shall be 100% inspected using automatic optical inspection (AOI) prior to the lamination process. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the PWB Process Engineer and JPL QA. The waiver shall be in written form to the PWB Contractor. It is highly preferred that the AOI machine be CAD-driven. All defective inner layers shall be discarded.


·          Final Inspection (Ref. D-8208, Sec. 3.6, Para. 4.2.2)

JPL inspection of the finished PWBs (routed, tested, and inspected by the Contractor’s final inspection process) shall be 100% of the manufactured lot. JPL QA shall also examine preselected microsections of both A and B coupons. Both As-Received and Thermal Stress microsections shall be examined. Both A and B microsections of the rigid portion of a PWB (in the case of a rigid flex PWB) and the flex portion shall be examined.

Contractor shall promptly notify the JPL Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) office at so the appropriate inspection can be coordinated. The following phone number may be accessed if necessary: (818) 393-7593.


Business days advance notice


Local: In-state

3 days

Minimum required

National: Domestic

5 days

Minimum required


10 days

Long lead time/forecasting desired