CLAUSE CODE: QC47b-1    This clause was archived as of 01/04/2012
  CLAUSE TITLE: PWB Inner Layer And Final Source Inspection (JPL MIP)



All flight PWBs required the following JPL Mandatory Inspection Points (JPL MIPs):


1.       Inner layer inspection (Ref. D-8208, Sec. 3.6, Para. 4.2)


All multilayer board (MLB) inner layers shall be 100% inspected using automatic optical inspection (AOI) prior to the lamination process in accordance with


  • IPC-A-600, Acceptability of Printed Boards and the performance requirements of the applicable IPC-6010 series documents, Class 3 Performance, High Reliability Electronic Products or Class C for High Performance High Density Interconnects.


Objective evidence shall be provided with a Certificate of Conformance, stating above compliance, to JPL as part of the Printed Wiring Board Deliverables Package. (Ref. QC32a).

Note: All MLBs with defective inner layers shall be discarded.


2.       Final Source Inspection (Ref. D-8208, Section 3.6, Para. 4.2)


JPL inspection of the finished PWBs (routed, tested, and inspected by the Contractor’s final inspection process) shall be 100% of the manufactured lot. JPL Quality Assurance (QA) shall also examine preselected microsections of both A and B coupons. Both As-Received and Thermal Stress microsections shall be examined. Both A and B microsections of the rigid portion of a PWB (in the case of a rigid flex PWB) and the flex portion shall be examined.

Contractor shall promptly notify the JPL Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) office at (818) 393-7592 so the appropriate inspection can be coordinated.


Business days advance notice


Local: In-state

3 days

Minimum required

National Domestic

5 days

Minimum required


10 days

Long lead time/forecasting desired