CLAUSE CODE: QC47d    This clause was archived as of 02/17/2010
  CLAUSE TITLE: In-Process Inspection (JPL MIP)



JPL Mandatory Inspection Points (MIPs) shall be required where visual inspection access to hardware may be obscured by the next assembly task. These inspection points shall be inserted into Contractor’s shop planning or routing documents upon review by JPL project and quality representatives. This planning shall have no subsequent alteration by Contractor without first obtaining approval from the JPL PQA liaison and subsequent approval of planning changes post-revision.

Mandatory Inspection Points may include, but are not limited to:

·          Internal wiring of electric motors

·          Surface finishes prior to next-step assembly operations

·          Close tolerance dimensions before or after special plating processes

·          Printed Wiring Assemblies (PWAs) prior to conformal coat

·          Optics prior to coating.


Contractor shall access to request source. As a last resort, Contractor may call the JPL Source Inspection line at (818)393-7593.



Business days advance notice


Local: In-state

3 days

Minimum required

National: Domestic

5 days

Minimum required


10 days

Long lead time/forecasting desired