CLAUSE CODE: QC53    This clause was archived as of 04/24/2012



Contractor shall prepare and submit for JPL approval an inspection system plan for the test and inspection of articles under this Contract/Purchase Order. The inspection system plan shall cover activities for the Contract/Purchase Order period and be tailored to the Contract/Purchase Order requirements. The plan shall also describe Contractor’s overall implementation of the inspection system requirements of the imposed quality inspection system and shall include the following provisions:

a.     An organization chart showing each element of the quality organization and its relation to the Contractor.

b.    A narrative description of Contractor’s existing system for implementing quality provisions, including proposed changes to the existing system needed to meet cited provisions and the time schedule for implementing such changes.

c.     A plan arranged in the same sequence as the imposed quality inspection system, or a suitable cross-reference chart.

d.    Description of the method assuring that the latest applicable or imposed drawings, specifications, and procedures, as well as authorized changes thereto, have been used for manufacturing, processing, and/or testing the article on this Contract/Purchase Order.

e.     List of controlling documents, applicable drawings, specifications, and procedures to be utilized in the performance of this Contract/Purchase Order.

f.     Reference to Contractor’s quality documents utilized in meeting the quality inspection system provisions.

g.    Design plan to assure that article under this Contract/Purchase Order, and the associated data submitted to JPL for acceptance, conforms to the Contract/Purchase Order requirements, whether manufactured or processed by Contractor, or procured from subcontractors.

h.     Description or reference of the procedure for documenting and reporting nonconforming conditions, including test failures, and assuring that positive corrective action is being implemented and monitored to prevent future occurrences.

i.      Charts indicating the flow of articles and materials from receiving through fabrication operations, test and/or delivery.

j.      Description of the method assuring that applicable quality requirements have been imposed to subcontractors for fabrication and/or processing, including processes designated as critical per this Contract/Purchase Order.