CLAUSE CODE: QC60    This clause was archived as of 04/24/2012
  CLAUSE TITLE: Submission and Approval of Flowchart(s)



Contractor shall provide a block type flow chart for all significant steps in the fabrication of the hardware, software, or services specified in the Contract/Purchase Order. This document can be furnished either electronically or as a hardcopy. This flow chart shall include all applicable steps including, but not limited to the following:

·          Engineering

·          Design reviews

·          Source selection

·          Source qualification

·          Receiving inspection

·          Kitting

·          Manufacturing

·          Assembly

·          Out-sourced special processes

·          Materials processing

·          In process inspection

·          First article, incremental testing, and final testing

·          Validation, final inspection, marking, and packaging

·          Shipping and storage

Each block shall be briefly and clearly labeled as to the step being performed. More than one flow chart may be necessary to include all significant steps and all identified deliverables. This flow chart is to be signed by the appropriate Contractor’s designated Quality Assurance representative with the authority to make changes as needed.

This flow chart will be reviewed and approved by a representative from the JPL Quality Assurance office. It may be changed to add JPL identified Mandatory Inspection Points (MIPs). After signing an approval block this flow will be returned to Contractor to become part of the required documentation for this Contract/Purchase Order and be considered the approved flow chart. Any subsequent changes will require concurrence and re-approval by all parties to the original approval.