CLAUSE CODE: QC64a    This clause was archived as of 04/12/2016
  CLAUSE TITLE: GIDEP Alert and Problem Advisories

QC64a - GIDEP Alert and Problem Advisories:

The Subcontractor shall participate in the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) per requirements of the GIDEP S0300- BT-PRO-010 and S0300-BU-GYD-010, available from the GIDEP Operations Center, PO Box 8000, Corona, California 91718-8000.

The Subcontractor shall review all GIDEP ALERTS, GIDEP SAFE-ALERTS, GIDEP Problem Advisories, GIDEP Agency Action Notices, and NASA Advisories to determine if they affect the Subcontractor’s products/services provided to NASA. For those that affect the program, the Subcontractor shall take action to eliminate or mitigate any negative effect to an acceptable level.

The Subcontractor shall generate the appropriate failure experience data report(s) (GIDEP ALERT, GIDEP SAFE-ALERT, GIDEP Problem Advisory) whenever failed or nonconforming items, available to other buyers, are discovered during the course of the Subcontract/Purchase Order.