CLAUSE CODE: QC65-N    This clause was archived as of 01/07/2016
  CLAUSE TITLE: Special Process Certification



Certain special processes are required to comply with this Contract/Purchase Order. Special processes shall be performed only by sources that have been surveyed and qualified/approved, by the Contractor and/or JPL, to perform those processes. Contractor shall provide to JPL upon request all documentation showing evidence of special processor qualification and/or certification to perform special manufacturing, assembling, and test processing as required by the Contract/Purchase Order. Contractor may elect to use only JPL approved sources.

A special process certification shall be provided with each shipment of item(s) delivered per this Contract/Purchase Order. Special process certifications may be in supplier format and shall include the following:

·          JPL’s Contract/Purchase Order number

·          Part number(s)

·          Serial and/or lot numbers of the hardware processed (if applicable)

·          Material process specification & revision

·          Objective evidence demonstrating compliance with the applicable process, (i.e., temperature charts and Hardness test results for heat treatment, destructive test results, etc.)

·          A certificate stating the special process was performed per applicable drawing/specification requirements.

·          Contractor ’s name and address

When special processor is other than Contractor, provide a certificate of compliance from the special processor stating the special process was performed per applicable drawing/specification requirements. Certificates must include the processor’s name, address, and be signed and dated by a company official.

Each certificate must be signed and dated by Contractor representative and/or Processor attesting to the acceptance of the processes performed to the required specification(s).

The Contractor shall retain all records associated with the selection and approval of supplier approved special process providers. Per Contract/Purchase Order or regulatory agency requirements, these records shall be made available to JPL and/or regulatory agencies upon request. The Contractor shall notify JPL prior to destruction of records relative to this contract.

Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this sentence, in all lower-tier subcontracts for work performed under this Contract/Purchase Order.