CLAUSE CODE: QC66a    This clause is current as of 12/03/2021; 08:56:42
  CLAUSE TITLE: Handling of Beryllium

QC66a - Handling of Beryllium:

Identification of any AIBeMet or Beryllium-Containing Part or Product

If the Subcontractor ships a part containing Beryllium to JPL, the Subcontractor shall identify it as such on the container and all the paperwork, and shall indicate that fabricating or modifying this Beryllium is hazardous. Due to the limitations on what can be stamped on a relatively small product or part, the warning note for Beryllium has been devised as stated below.

All AlBeMet and Beryllium-containing parts, drawings, travelers, and containers shall be with the following warning note:


The container shall also be marked: ”Open in a glove box or clean room.”

Identification of any AIBeMet or Beryllium-Containing Part or Product on Drawings

A drawing shall indicate the location of the AlBeMet or Beryllium part or component. The Subcontractor shall include the following marking:

Danger: This part is an AlBeMet/Beryllium Alloy part. Do not fabricate or modify. Fabricating or modifying this material will pose a serious safety and health hazard if dusts or fumes are generated. No fabrication or modification at JPL is allowed without approval by the responsible supervisor and the JPL Industrial Hygiene Office. See the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and contact the JPL Industrial Hygiene Office for additional information.

Requirements for any Subcontractor Fabricating or Modifying a Beryllium or Beryllium-Containing Part:

The Subcontractor shall have facilities for the fabrication or modification of Beryllium or Beryllium- containing parts. These facilities shall meet the OSHA requirements for dust and fume containment and cleaning of the parts.