CLAUSE CODE: QC73    This clause was archived as of 01/04/2010
  CLAUSE TITLE: Quality Management System Per AS9003



Contractor shall have, as a minimum, an inspection and test system that complies with The Engineering Society for Advancing Mobility Land Sea Air and Space International (SAE) Aerospace Standard (AS) AS9003 "Inspection and Test Quality System."

If Contractor subcontracts any of the JPL procurements to other suppliers, Contractor shall flow down the same requirement to its sub-tiers.

Contractor shall present objective evidence of AS9003 compliance by providing JPL’s Procurement Quality Assurance Group with one or more of the following, as a minimum:

1.       Copy of AS9003 3rd Party Registration/Certification (subject to JPL acceptance).

2.       Copy of successful AS9003 2nd Party Audit (subject to JPL acceptance). Note: The 2nd Party Audit shall be from other NASA Centers, Primes, and/or Partners of NASA’s Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC).

3.       Self-declaration of AS9003 compliance with a completed gap analysis (subject to JPL acceptance).


Contractor shall submit the required data to JPL, attention PQA Quality Audit Coordinator, 4800 Oak Grove Drive (MS 171-360), Pasadena, CA 91109-8099, or provide an electronic version via e-mail to