CLAUSE CODE: QC76    This clause was archived as of 09/27/2010
  CLAUSE TITLE: NADCAP Accreditation of Special Process Sources

QC76 NADCAP Accreditation of Special Process Sources:


Contractors performing special processes, as delineated below, shall obtain National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) accreditation prior to next JPL process audit. Contractor shall present a certificate of this aforementioned accreditation to JPL auditor upon request.

Special processes requiring NADCAP accreditation:

·          Heat Treatment

·          Non-Destructive Testing

·          Chemical Processes (e.g., Chemical Milling)

·          Welding

·          Brazing

·          Shot Peening (part of the Non-conventional Machining and Surface Enhancement)

·          Material Testing by independent test laboratories