CLAUSE CODE: QC83-S    This clause was archived as of 01/22/2009



Contractor shall support the System Requirements Review (SRR) by providing JPL with approved copies of Contractor's Software Management Plan (SMP), the Software Requirements Document (SRD), and the Software Interface Specification (SIS). Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) shall approve these documents before submitting them to JPL. JPL shall receive them at least 60 days before the SRR.

The SMP shall detail the processes Contractor uses to conform to ISO 9000:2000 or AS9100A in the development of software. The SMP shall include information on Contractor’s structure, schedule and milestones, reporting progress metrics, risk management, sub-contractor management, proposed developmental environment, provision for JPL/NASA reviews, Software Configuration Management activities, a closed corrective action system, software engineering activities, assignment of and testing for reserve capacity, maintenance after delivery, etc.

The SRD shall identify all the inputs into the software and the required functional operations and changes necessary to produce all the outputs. The required inputs, required functional operations and changes, and the required outputs shall be described in such a way that they can be individually produced, identified, and tested. This description will include the internal interfaces between functions. The SRD may either include the Software Interface Specification (SIS) or reference it. The method of test (i.e., Inspection, Analysis, Demonstration, and Test) for each requirement shall be indicated.

The SIS shall identify and describe, in sufficient detail to permit programming, all the external interface signals into and out of the software being designed. It shall include for each signal a unique identifier, source and destination, units of measure, limit/range of values, accuracy required, and precision/resolution required. If this information is already included in another document, the other document shall be provided.