CLAUSE CODE: QC89-S    This clause was archived as of 01/22/2009



Contractor shall support the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) by providing JPL with approved copies of Contractor's Software Design Document showing the Top Level Design of the proposed software and draft details of the internal interfaces, and the Software Test Plan (STP). Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) shall approve these documents before they are submitted to JPL. JPL shall receive them at least 60 days before the PDR.

The STP shall describe the type of tests (i.e., nominal/extreme/out of range values, timing, etc.) required to verify the operation of the software. The description shall include a description of the hardware and software environment in which the various levels of tests shall be performed, the estimated duration of the tests, the assets in the form of software, hardware, and workforce required to be available to perform the tests. A planned schedule shall be provided showing the time-phased use of test assets and their sufficiency to handle development, testing and corrective action of the software during development.

Open action items from the SRR shall be resolved, or plans for resolving them will be submitted. A current estimate of Flight Software Margins shall be submitted per QC88-S.

Additionally, Contractor shall submit any previously approved and submitted documents that have changed to Contractor's SQA approval office indicated on the documents. JPL shall receive these re-submitted documents at least 30 days before PDR.