CLAUSE CODE: QC90-S    This clause was archived as of 01/22/2009



Contractor shall uniquely identify each Software Requirement in the Software Requirements Document(s) and shall provide a requirements traceability matrix that tracks each requirement through the Software Design Document(s) to the Software Qualification Test Plan and into the SQT Procedure, showing that all software requirements are implemented and verified. The requirements traceability matrix shall indicate the test in the SQT Procedure verifying each requirement and shall indicate the test and step that verifies the requirement.

If any identified requirements cannot be verified using the final software, lower level assemblies shall be tested or the code shall be inspected. Contractor’s Software Quality Assurance representative shall verify and record the results.

The requirements traceability matrix shall be included as an appendix to the SQT Procedure. The SQT Procedure and the requirements traceability matrix shall be approved by Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and JPL before performance of the SQT.

The SQT Test Procedure shall meet three criteria:

1.     It shall verify the software meets each of the requirements imposed.

2.     It shall specify the results of each test such that the success or failure of the test can be determined.

3.     It shall be written in enough detail that if an anomaly occurs, the test can be exactly repeated to show the anomaly.

The object code used to perform the SQT shall be produced using source code, software, and procedures that are under Contractor's Configuration Management (CM) control. Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) representative, who shall verify that the process is sufficiently documented so that it can be duplicated, shall witness the production and installation of the object code. SQA shall verify the final, CM controlled SQT Procedure used to produce the SQT software and hardware environment. Engineering and Software Quality Assurance representatives from both, Contractor and JPL, shall witness the SQT.

Records of all SQT activity shall be documented, treated as quality/acceptance records, and made available to JPL, if requested. All nonconformances shall be entered into the Corrective Action process per QC86 Corrective Action Process. The SQT Test Report shall show evidence of acceptance by Contractor’s Software Quality Assurance.

It may be necessary to repeat either the SQT, or portions of the SQT, because of nonconformances. The extent of these repeated performances, or delta SQTs, shall be determined by mutual agreement between Contractor and JPL’s Engineering and SQA.