CLAUSE CODE: QC91-S    This clause was archived as of 01/22/2009



Contractor shall support the Critical Design Review (CDR) by providing JPL with approved copies of Contractor's Software Design Document (SDD), and the Software Coding Standards for the language to be used. Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) shall approve these documents before they are submitted to JPL. JPL shall receive them at least 60 days before the CDR.

The Software Design Document (SDD) shall show the full design of the proposed software and detail the internal interfaces. The SDD shall describe the structure and detailed design of the units, components, and assemblies of the Contract/Purchase Order item.

The Software Coding Standard shall contain the rules, practices, and conventions to be used in coding the software. This shall include naming conventions, header format, code format, in-code documentation requirements, and a history of code changes of each change date and authorization.

Open action items from the PDR shall be resolved, or plans for resolving them will be submitted. A rough draft of the Software Test Procedure shall be submitted showing that all of the requirements are testable. A preliminary copy of the requirements traceability matrix shall be submitted showing all requirements are accounted for in the design and will be tested. A current estimate of Flight Software Margins shall be submitted per QC88-S.

Additionally, Contractor shall submit any previously approved and submitted documents having changes with Contractor's SQA approval indicated on them. JPL shall receive these re-submitted documents at least 30 days before CDR.