CLAUSE CODE: QC92-S    This clause was archived as of 01/22/2009



Contractor shall support the Test Readiness Review (TRR) by providing JPL with approved copies of Contractor's Software Test Description (STD) detailing performance of the Software Qualification Test (SQT), the Release Description Document (RDD) and the document that used to be called the Firmware Support Manual (FSM). The STD shall include the requirements traceability matrix showing that each requirement is verified and where it is verified. Contractor's Software Quality Assurance (SQA) shall approve these documents before they are submitted to JPL. JPL shall receive the STD at least 60 days before the TRR.

Open action items from the CDR shall be resolved, or plans for resolving them will be submitted. Contractor shall show evidence that all of the nonconformances entered in the Corrective Action process have been satisfactorily resolved by authorized changes. Contractor shall show evidence that the SQT has been successfully performed and witnessed by Contractor's SQA group. Properly identified copies of the Source code shall be available from the Configuration Management (CM) group. The current measured value of Flight Software Margins shall be submitted per QC88-S.

Additionally, Contractor shall submit any previously approved and submitted documents having changes with the Contractor's SQA approval indicated on them. JPL shall receive these re-submitted documents at least 30 days before TRR.

Clean copies of the STP shall be provided to all participants in the SQT. A set of "last minute changes" may be presented, provided they are not extensive, as decided by JPL.

At the end of TRR JPL's SQA shall witness generation of the object code from the source code obtained from the Contractor's CM using the procedure in the Release Description Document (VDD) and loaded into the test hardware using the procedure in the Firmware Support Manual (FSM).[jpl1] 


 [jpl1]Revise. Unclear.